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From what I agther the Avengers cartoon was very lame especially as Cap, Thor and Ironman were left out to keep their solo cartoons open (Serves marvel right for being so greedy) and the JLA one is susposed to be very good but those are basically the general opinions from fans and comic book guys across the net.

While they wernt without flaws the old Spiderman and X-men cartoons from the early/mid 90's were very good. Not on par with the best of the comic but close to the spirit of the comics, tried to do them justice and it was nice to see the best of the story lines being transfered over in intresting ways

The Batman cartoon was prehaps an example of a cartoon out doing a great comic character.Intense story lines, characterisation, the concept gradually evolved nicely, captured the spirt of what it should be, dark and gritty and very well written. Man I'm close to rating it over my other favs like D&D, Cities of Gold and Peanut's.
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