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Ok...random stuff around, trying to tie it all together...

@Notabot re workout music---Robert Tepper's "No easy way out" from Rocky? "Never say die", Iron Eagle? TFTM soundtrack? Basically most 80ies cheese music that plays in heroic/workout scenes from films can do.

@Dalek---the book a pub for an occasion on the same day as a local artists does their gig has happened to me as well. Managed to get a kick out of it though and got a happy birthday live song/dedication to me, so it was not all bad. As for Valentine's, those cards are so overrated and so 70-ies/80ies it hurts. The kind of stalker-ish appeal behind it [a secret admirer who "loves" you and knows exactly where you live to sent you a card] creeps me out a tad

@Skyquake---which beer festival was that? Mustn't have been very far from here. Not really keen on festivals like that around here though---it's astoundingly silly how people get piss-drunk SO fast. It takes me hours with pints of beers and maybe some proper spirits mixed in to get hardcore drunk, yet people are on the floor literally pissing themselves less than an hour after that?

@The GOT books---I enjoy them. Only read the first two so far [reading at literally a snail's pace with other books between], but liked them way more than the show. Much like the Walking Dead, this feels like an alternate "what if" scenario after a point.

@Videogames---Currently playing Omega Ruby on 3DS. My current PC here is so crap it lags if there's a lot of pics on facebook, so that's out of the question. Can't really say I can commit to gaming any longer. Gone were the times I'd spend 9 hours playing Tekken 3 on PSX because I had no memory card.

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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