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@Skyquake---which beer festival was that? Mustn't have been very far from here. Not really keen on festivals like that around here though---it's astoundingly silly how people get piss-drunk SO fast. It takes me hours with pints of beers and maybe some proper spirits mixed in to get hardcore drunk, yet people are on the floor literally pissing themselves less than an hour after that?
Saltaire beer festival. Right on my doorstep, about 5 minutes away from my house

It's a decent craic the Saltaire one. Interesting how the clientele has changed over the last ten years. When I started going, it was all old men in tweed and barbour jackets with red faces and extravagant facial hair. These days, its much more mixed and diverse, with loads of younger people going. Prices are well cheap compared to pubs though, so I don't doubt that's a big pulling factor. I had some nice beers, which all had names and everyone was well behaved.

Just killing time waiting for my girlfriend to recover (she went out afterwards and is currently yodelling a rainbow down the porcelain telephone) so we can go see In This Moment, whom I am quite excited to be going to see
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