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@The GOT books---I enjoy them. Only read the first two so far [reading at literally a snail's pace with other books between], but liked them way more than the show. Much like the Walking Dead, this feels like an alternate "what if" scenario after a point.
Yessss. Definitely enjoying the books a bit more than the show. But I've only watched to the end of the first season so if spoilers drop I might chew someone's head off... though since that is impossible over the internet it's more likely I'll be mildly annoyed.

I am enjoying reading/listening to the books and enjoying watching the show at the same time. I need to grab some time for more actual reading, though. Curling up and chilling for an hour or two with nothing planned, nothing that needs doing and no one needing me for something and just reading sounds amazing.

(Not that I don't get time like that... but when I do, I'm usually half-assing it by putting something off to extend it. Like cleaning, cooking or sleep. Like right now, kid is sleeping and I'm sitting here at the kitchen table listening to music/typing... meanwhile the floor is covered in rainbow coloured foam building blocks and the kitchen sink is full of dishes. They need to make blocks that pick themselves up, srs yo.)

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