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Originally Posted by Notabot View Post

Earbuds and dishes have gotten me through a good number of chapters.
Yup, that's pretty much how it happened. Minus the earbuds. Blocks, dishes, and audiobook.

That's how I managed to get through one and a half books, for the most part... puttering around in the kitchen and my work commute are prime listening times. But I miss sitting and actually reading a book. When I'm putting stuff off to do something else, it's like I can feel those things that I'm supposed to be doing breathing down my neck. Not exactly relaxing. But that buffer period (however long) that I take in between tasks is nice, in its own way. I wish it were more efficient, though. Well, I suppose I wish I were more efficient. I think I have a decent balance going, but eh. Human nature, etc etc.

Random links, because of boring:

And now for something completely different.

Also, fascinating food blog.

I've posted this before. I'll probably post it again. Because it is just so... horribly, completely cringeworthy and I love it so much because of that. If shitty fanfiction entertains you, there ya go.

Bits of it are probably NSFW.

Ermahgerd, it's on Goodreads. Bahahaha!

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