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Because Armada Starscream is the funniest thing I've seen in a while...

Hasbro Announces Expanded Generations Line

Hasbro announced today that the success of toys like Generations Armada Starscream and Waspinator have convinced the company to take things even further. Said a spokesman, "These things are a goldmine for us. For a new character, we have to hire artists, designers, sculptors and engineers. For an older character, we can cut our design worforce by 50% or more. Then, all we've got to do is have IDW cram them in a Generation One comic book, and fanboys knock themselves out to find them."

Fans were skeptical when company reps outlined the next waves of the Generations line, many of which were unpopular designs when they first appeared in their respective toylines. However, that skepticism turned to elation when they were told that all of the characters were actually part of the Generation One continuity, and would be playing major parts in upcoming story arcs of IDW's Transformers line.

We spoke to one fan, who gushed, "When Armada came out, I didn't bother with it because it was an error-ridden abomination animated by underpaid Asian slave labor and meant for children, unlike the show I grew up with. Plus, I needed that shelf space for E-hobby repaints of palette-swapped non-characters that appeared in six frames of the original cartoon. But now that I know that Side Swipe is actually the original in a new body, I preordered six: One for me, and five to give out as gifts to family members."

When asked if obscure Japanese characters would be getting the same treatment, the spokesman responded, "Sure. Why the **** not?"

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