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Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
Have probably just negated a twenty-year-plus friendship based on a FB discussion thread over this article, and not thinking that pride in carrying weight that amounts to health problems is rational or a good idea.
Depends. I am 6'2" and "morbidly" obese, yet have none of the issues that tend to be associated with weight. My heart is healthy and unblocked, I don't have diabetes, and what have you. I do have a bad back, but that's the result of an injury when I was in high school, and hurts to the same extent it did when I was much skinnier.

Given that, while I do understand that I should probably lose weight, the constant crap about weight does wear thin. I wouldn't say I'm necessarily "proud", as such, but I'm realistic about the situation. And certainly, I'd tell someone who gave me static about it to mind their own goddamn business.

On topic, I've quit my job to spend time with my daughter, as my wife has gotten a promotion and we can afford to live on one income (especially given the savings in child care). Really excited to have some time with her, as she's entering the period where she's learning to talk and a host of other things. So, that's cool.
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