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Have probably just negated a twenty-year-plus friendship based on a FB discussion thread over this article, and not thinking that pride in carrying weight that amounts to health problems is rational or a good idea.

Decent photographer, Nimoy.

It's more complex than that. While the self as a mental being exists somewhat separately from the physical body (you can lose your legs and still be you, obviously), it's still fused to it. If you tell people that their body is overweight and that that's bad in a mechanical aspect, you still impact the feelings of person if you're not careful. It's likely that the overweight person hears this enough that it contributes to low self-esteem, which of course leads to the cycle repeating. Even given that, I don't think Nimoy's point was to celebrate obesity. I think he was simply trying to show some truth about the human condition in that some people navigate the world in bodies that look like that. While I think that the obese=beautiful idea is an over-correction to fat shaming, people do need good self esteem to make healthy changes.

tl;dr = "Quit being fat, fatty" doesn't work.
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