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Generations Line Runs Out of Nostalgic Figures, Laps Itself
With the popularity of the Generations line reaching far beyond what Hasbro originally expected, toy makers have run out of Transformers characters that can still be evoke the nostalgia that the line was originally meant to bring to fans. "To be honest," said one designer, "we just can't think of any more Transformers. Nobody at all comes to mind when we ask ourselves, 'Who haven't we done yet?' We've even dug pretty deeply into comics that normal people don't read. I honestly had no idea who Brainstorm was when I designed him."

Hasbro had intended to bring the line to a triumphant end, but then stumbled upon an idea which will bring in even more money. "We realized that the now-called Generations line has been running for so long that people might actually be nostalgic for figures we did just a few years ago! God bless America's short attention span!"

The first of the new line, dubbed "Robots in Generations of Disguise Origins" by a monkey with a dartboard, will be Generations Generations Bumblebee. "Generations Bumblebee was such a fantastic toy to bring Bumblebee back to the forefront, and that move clearly paid off in spades. We're hoping that the new Generations Generations Bumblebee will exponentially increase his popularity again to the point that we need never make any other characters."

In the unlikely event that Hasbro cannot ride Bumblee into the sunset, though, engineers are halfheartedly developing Generations Generations Optimus Prime who is rumored to be identical to the original Generations Prime but with twice as many joints and half as many colors.

"We're very excited about this new line," stated project manager Hank Ephraim. "Even so, there are two major risks involved. First, with reaching back into the near past, our marketing department warned us that the nostalgia purchases may not be as high as the line initially saw. And secondly, we realize that if we keep up at this pace, we will soon be releasing redone figures before the original figure even comes out."
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