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Obesity can be a tough and sensitive issue regardless.

Not sure what the fuss with Leonard Nimoy's pictures is and I don't care.

Severe obesity can hamper your body/system even if your arteries are not necessarily blocked/heart issues are not immediately prevalent/present.

The BMI thing can be misleading to an extent, as it only takes into account height and weight---if I'm built like a wardrobe but am 1.65 metres tall, does that make me fat because the calculated number came to that? No.

Extra weight very basically puts strain [necessary or unnecessary] on your muscles and bones, plus it can make your heart work faster to pump blood around your body.

There's a thin line between "obese", "healthy" and "super built". For instance, the knees of an obese person might be more susceptible to damage and wear because they have to carry more weight, but the knees of a super built person are strained from the wear and tear of all the exercises/running. Just because they will be able to take more crap as it comes does not mean they have not been damaged already.

Keeping thin/fit is also a personal issue/responsibility but includes factors not always to the person's abilities. If you are in a sedentary job you can't really get up in the office and run around for exercise, nor can you drop everything to cook a perfectly healthy mean to eat in the office and have fruits for dinner. Usually it's the other way around

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