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Originally Posted by Clay View Post
I don't think Nimoy's point was to celebrate obesity.
Likewise; it was the article I was responding to. Pathologising normal variance is dangerous, but equally a (the) important message of support is "be healthy" rather than "aspire to look like a magazine cover" or "fat is powerful".

Some people have existing severe health issues and very limited scope to self-help. There are an array of economic, stress and other factors working against most people, including to an extent that's becoming more recognised global food and marketing industries. And negativity and persecution complexes are cyclical.

Erasing judgement, particularly from the dialogue of how societies deliver healthcare, is moving in the wrong direction IMO. The models don't really work even without self-destruction as a larger factor.

Also, old link with credit to Tom;

Always something to recognise and inform, natch. Just not a magic invalidation card.
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