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Originally Posted by Cliffy
The idea of someone not having to be stick-thin has somehow become turning into "yeh, three pizzas a day just means you're being you".
Generationally, a lot of what's on store shelves has hit rock bottom in terms of nutritional value. Sugar's cheap to bulk things out with and a roughly 50/50 ratio of fat to sugar (eg, ice-cream) suppresses a satiety response -- it doesn't really exist naturally.

Originally Posted by Cliffy
I get genuine pangs of guilt that I've brought someone new into the world when I'm pretty sure it's going to be ****ed in 20 or 30 years.
Has crossed my mind a lot as well. Every generation thinks it's living in the End Times to a certain extent, though. We might get a couple of bearable generations out of the world before it runs out of resources or there's another global war.

Originally Posted by Sades
Oh, and that bit about deleting content/suspending accounts... I think it's possible that happened because of boobies/naked, not because of fat people.
Have I missed something?
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