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Society as a whole terrifies the **** out of me. People in general are so stupid, lazy, entitled and stubborn now, everything's someone else's fault. I get genuine pangs of guilt that I've brought someone new into the world when I'm pretty sure it's going to be ****ed in 20 or 30 years.
I feel the same way a lot, but I think the truth is that most people have always been that useless. But the internet allows everyone to broadcast their banal thoughts and opinions to the world at large, now, and it makes it much harder to just ignore it. And since people tend to herd together online with like-thinking folks, it's led to the creation of massive echo-chambers where even the stupidest ideas will meet with massive positive reinforcement if you choose the right audience).

The scary thing is that important decision-makers are actually listening to what people say in those online echo-chambers, instead of ignoring the masses and doing whatever the hell they want like they used to. Politicians taking their marching orders from trendy hashtags is just about the worst thing I can imagine.

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Generationally, a lot of what's on store shelves has hit rock bottom in terms of nutritional value. Sugar's cheap to bulk things out with and a roughly 50/50 ratio of fat to sugar (eg, ice-cream) suppresses a satiety response -- it doesn't really exist naturally.
This certainly doesn't help. Neither does the fact that most of us now live a sedentary lifestyle, driving to and from work where we sit at a desk for eight hours a day. Our bodies aren't really designed for either. However, if we don't want to die from complications of obesity before we turn 50, we need to choose our diet carefully and find the time for at least some exercise. And if we choose not to, that's not society's fault, it's ours. Just because we're given the opportunity to eat processed garbage 24/7 and sit on our butts doesn't mean we have to, and normalizing it is dangerous.

Or maybe I'm just oversensitive because I struggle with my weight all the time, can never seem to find the time for as much physical activity as I'd like and get really annoyed when people fatter than me tell me not to bother and that I should "love myself the way I am".

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Have I missed something?
People who reposted Nimoy's photos on Facebook after he died wound up getting their accounts closed because...well, because they're posting nude photos on a site that doesn't allow them. What did they think would happen?
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