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Email from BBTS:


We regretfully must announce that all preorders for the Takara MP-23 Exhaust have been cancelled. There has been an ongoing legal problem with this figure due to trademarked Marlboro roof/hood design that is not approved for sale in the USA. Takara modified the original design and went into production using a modified paint deco. It appears the redesigned paint deco did not go far enough to fix the problem, and Phillip Morris USA will still not allow this item for sale in the USA. We have been in contact with the law firm representing Phillip Morris and they told us that the changes were not substantial enough to eliminate potential consumer confusion between the Marlboro trademarked design and the current paint deco on the MP-23 Exhaust.

We apologize for the problem on this item, but we must abide by the requests made by Phillip Morris. We look forward to less complicated future Takara Transformer releases.


Joel Boblit

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