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Originally Posted by Ryan F View Post
Well, the MP line's primary market is Japan - although they must get a lot of sales in the rest of the world, that's the primary market.

I really don't think Takara really care about a few lost sales in the US or SE Asia or wherever - so long as it sells well in the home country and helps defray the cost of the Wheeljack mould and Lancia licence, then all is well in their eyes.
See, I dunno. While they can do whatever they want with Exhaust in Japan full stop, I think it's telling how much of a market outside of Japan that they cater to by evidence that they modified the deco to try to appease the legal situation in the US. I agree that Japan is the primary market, but exports of the line must be substantial for them to alter the product. However, all of the above assumes that the deco was modified to be sold internationally instead of trying not to infringe on the copyrights held by a Japanese subsidiary of Phillip Morris, which would also completely explain things. Until the next round of designer interviews, I guess we're in the dark.

Serious question, though: does Phillip Morris sell Marlboro in Japan or have any legal presence there? I have no earthly idea.
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