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Same here, pretty much. Not sure I can stand the gouging and possible hassle; hopefully some of the Chinese lads will get a version out. Kind-of wanted him for the old Diaclone resonance, Decepticon factor and because the Wheeljack mould's nice enough to justify two but TBH if a figure has to get tied up in legal tape a filler retool based on a chap who isn't a proper Transformer is an acceptable casualty.

Mirage they should be alright on as the Gitanes scheme is less recognisable. Might have to leave off the gypsy, but hopefully they'll just leave it blank and wink at Reprolabels rather than replacing her with a silhouette of Thunderblast sucking off Derrick Wyatt or whatever.

Jazz could well be interesting, though, but TBH if Martini play ball there won't be the same "WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!?!?!?!" stuff because alcohol doesn't harm anyone's health. I'm guessing the fudged reissues were good enough to avoid problems.
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