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Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
So I'm guessing something similar might happen with Kapow and/or Masterforce.

NipponYassan have Exhaust available, but for 16.000 yen. Almost guaranteed to fly by customs in the UK [used them before, the guy in charge is French I think so he knows about customs in EU].

You could and should get a direct refund from omegalock. Sorry to hear about this. Had I know of this whole fiasco early on, I'd get more than one from HLJ.
Neither Kapow nor Masterforce were listing Exhaust - I know Kapow got a 'cease and desist' from Philip Morris and so weren't able to carry it. Omegalock, as far as I'm aware, were the only UK dealer who had it up for preorder.

Cheers for the tip about NipponYassan, I might give them a go in future.

It just irks me that we knew weeks ago that Hasbro Asia were unable to sell the figure, and that Takara in Japan were the only distributors (hence this being the only Masterpiece for a while not to have a free coin, which is usually a Hasbro Asia exclusive).

Omegalock's explanation was that they had ordered a supply from Hasbro Asia which never materialised. But if that was the case, why wait until March 22nd (the day after release) to let people know?
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