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Pretty good preview---Blip is seen again, mentioned by Ultra Magnus as somebody who thought he was a sparkeater, a proprietor of infinite sin and so on.

Said Sparkeater said to be a "black eyed" monster...could it be the guy that Whirl shot in the past was the "original" sparkeater instead of Kaon? Nah...

Nifty musings on Roller...err...Tarn. Appears to take place slightly before issue 34, time-wise, as Kaon and Vos are not around and Tarn laments Vos. [both appear to have been left for dead after the 3-way battle].

So, Roller/Tarn---red herring, or actual undercover agent 113?

I think Deathsaurus will be either another vigilante 'con...

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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