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I don't normally read history, but when I went to see the Magna Carta exhibition at the British library (sadly no mention of The King's Demons) I picked up the accompanying book.

It's a period of history I really knew nothing about beyond the basics- it turns out Maid Marion was mostly a work of fiction- so it's was actually a very interesting tour and subsequent read. With all the infighting (we talk about THE British Civil War, so there basically being a twenty year one in the 13th century was a surprise), violence and sex it's basically Game of Thrones without the dragons.

It's also fascinating to think how Magna Carta was basically drawn up to protect the rich and powerful first and foremost and was almost immediately nullified by the Pope (who became Britain's Feudal Overlord for the totally hilarious price of 666 a year), it's legacy would have horrified everyone involved in its creation and just goes to show how you never can predict what your impact on the future will be. Maybe this post will one day be seen as a defining moment of world wide liberty?

And because I can't get this out of my head, I must share it with the rest of you:

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