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Originally Posted by Hound View Post
Mostly I've been watching Kamen Rider which I recently discovered and am very much enjoying.
Too bad only a half of the first series has any sort of subtitles for it out there. Looks like I'm gonna be in for a long wait once I run out.

I recently finished both Layzner and Galient and took upon to rewatch VOTOMS and Gundam, although I'm now watching them in chronological instead of production order and just started watching Pailsen Files and Stardust Memory respectively.

In the meantime, I've also been watching the original Addams Family TV series as well as The Munsters, Jem, and Batman TAS.

I've also been catching up on Braves and Trider G7...which has no translation at all, so I'm kinda watching it in the hard mode.
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