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Time for plan bee-weeoop
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That was... unexpected. Makes me really wonder where it's going, assuming those two new pages aren't a mistimed April Fools gag. Leaving that possibility aside...

Nickel is a weird one. Where the hell did she come from? If she were from Caminus like Nautica and Chromia, she's either a really new arrival, or news of a long lost colony was deemed completely unimportant. I suppose she could be an Ammonite, which would work, given her size. Still...

On the plus side, I was right when I theorized that the DJD had to have some kind of support staff. It made sense they'd have a medic, someone to run their base, supply resources, intel., etc. Which means the 'Who is Agent 113?' guessing game just gained at least 1 new option.
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