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Read it for the second time.

First time around, I didn't like it, but now it stuck. It serves its purpose. Lots of questions answered, especially around issues 32-33.

The DJD are not overpowered---actually they are, but not by nature. They use those chambers to bathe in super nucleon [caused by Brainstorm's teleportation in those mines] before any attack--Tarn's line that they were all edgy from the nuke on the LL confirms that.

Even more pointers that Tarn is Roller---but subtle ones. Green spark, Skids with the matrix tattoo in the flashback, body reconstruction/augmentation, and the subtlest one----the straw on his energon drink

The internal administration reminds me way too much of annual progress reports in the British work system. The one on one, the checking, the do it yourself appraisal form...

Was there any doubt that Tarn is Roller/Agent 113? Or just opposed to the DJD in reality? Closing his eyes underneath his mask [which is odd, as those appeared to be his actual eyes so far], trying to kill himself from overdosing before changing his mind, and even toying with the thought of actually killing the rest of the team when Deathsaurus suggests it.

His "good" line in regards to the abundance of troops at Deathsaurus' lair can go both ways---good for numbers on their side, or good for impossible odds for the DJD suicide mission? Can go either way in my opinion.

Blip is a different Blip than the terrorcon repaint/rename---little time or resources to change bodies since issue 30 or so, and he'd have to escape autobot security and somehow manage not to tell Tarn about Megatron? Yeah, different guy.

What I find surprising about the issue is how the artist just shadows everybody depending on the scene. First few pages were very Milne-ish, next few were very manga-esque, next few were more normal, then more Milne, then more rounded/guido like for the Deathsaurus scene [which looked like it came from the Drift mini].

A bit disappointed that this is not a 2 parter as I thought, but I guess we'll see them again in issues 50something.

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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