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I was entertained, though perhaps for the wrong reasons.

Not sure how I feel about the idea of 'humanizing' the DJD, though that could simply be my, errr... unyielding bias towards the characters.

Ugh... okay, okay! I guess it was kind of neat to see what Tarn and Friends get up to on their off time. Even it was a bit silly and felt like parody at moments.

Though, to be fair, it is suiting because of, well, how silly and ridiculous the DJD actually are. So of course they'd have a nagging, matronly medic on board, and of course Tarn likes to conduct regular one-on-ones with his teammates.

Do they go on employee retreats? Do the DJD have fun, workplace exercises to boost morale? Does Tarn bring donuts to the office every Friday?


Joking aside, Tarn desperately needed some characterization, so that was appreciated.

And hey, Deathsaurus went and dashed my expectations and survived! I'm actually pleased Roberts has plans for him beyond fodder. Quite liked him. Not often you see Decepticon COs so concerned about their subordinates.

So Tarn is intent on instigating a war. Does this also mean he's, essentially, taken the reins over the Decepticons? With all this talk of 'housekeeping', it sort of reads that way.

Is Galvatron next on their list of chores, I wonder. And with Megatron now on the list, does that also mean Starscream*?

* Flimsy Hasbro-mandated excuses aside, I can only assume he was marked 'off limits' similar in the way Whirl was.
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