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Interesting how this seems to have been a controversial issue even before publication. I've not been following too closely as I'm a keen spoiler avoider, but it seems there was an actual effort to boycott the issue on the part of some fans because of the artist and his tendency to over-sexualise female Transformers. And I can understand not wanting Transformers to fall back into bad old ways after making great strides forward in its treatment of the women, though it's ironic that Nautica, the character people seemed to be concerned about how she'd wind up looking, isn't in the issue and Nickel avoids the clichés.

Then, as shown in this thread, the preview seemed to put a lot of people off as well. Based on twitter, the final feedback has been mixed as well (again, as we've seen here).

Myself, I liked the dull formality of a day in the life of the DJD, treating this group of psychotic killers as clock punchers with an innapropiately cheerful support tech was a nice funny conceit that also helped to show how the impact of Megatron's betrayal turned Tarn's nice ordered life on its head.

It wasn't grade A MTMTE, but as a light bridging issue setting up The Big Fight to come, it worked fine. The Deathsaurus side of things was the weakest part as that was more perfunctory, but there's no real complaints here.


I'd take the appearance of Skids in Tarn's mind as proof he's not Roller more than he is. Sure, they were bout Outliers, but what sort of relationship do the two have? Have they ever even spoken directly to each other on panel? Based on Skids having that song on his mind and Tarn finding him so important here, there are two characters who have an important history to one another, and that's not Roller and Skids. At the very least it would be a massive cheat to not have shown that relationship in any of their scenes together.

IIRC Roberts has said on Twitter than Blip is the same Blip from previous issues.

Explanation for why the DJD were so overhwelming on the ALL compared to against the Scavengers, and an explanation for why they won't be as strong against the OLL as Tarn is now the only one nuked up.

Brainstorm did definately betray the ALL after all. He really didn't think through not telling them about Drift in advance did he?
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