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The DJD colours are bugging me now, I think Helex and Tesarus are Springarm and Wheelarch. Again, its partly because of the tube-style shoulder launchers, but the colours make it seem like the Institute somehow got ahold of their bodies and set to work. This makes no sense of course, because Pax would wonder what had happened to them.

This issue has also brought back Skids and his matrix tattoo, which links nicely with Tarn's comment to Blip about religion having no place in Decepticonism. Makes me wonder if the missing part of Skids' memories have somehow been transplanted into Tarn, in the sense that who wouldn't want to gain Skids' super learning ability?

Not blown away by this issue, I didn't take to Nickel and the art, whilst a really good impression of Milne's... simply doesn't pull off his ability to make complex panels clean and clear. Every time its not Milne on duty I crab and grumble, but over time I come to love it, so this is just another unfair reaction.

I still don't think what Brainstorm did was betrayal. He wanted Overlord off the ship, he demanded no-one else be hurt and he was doing it for the benefit of everyone. He had good intentions.
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