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The preview page had thrown me I must admit - and even now I still find nickle to be a stretch too far to fit comfortably with the DJD but I did like the new direction. Personnally, I think I would have prefered the DJD alone to take on Megatron and the lost light, super nucleon or not and have got a serious 3 parter about that conflict with a definitive conclusion but this is still an interesting take on the MTMTE Big Bads. Its not a great issue but it was enjoyable to read a story told from a single robots perspective (something we've discussed in the Why does the Lost Light... thread) and it gave the issue a fresh feel.

On an aside - interesting to hear that Heretech was also a rebel - which means all the phase sixers really do turn on megatron - heretech, sixshot, black shadow and overlord turned while he was the leader of the cons and now Tarn turns on him because he is not. The only one I'm not sure on is Killmaster (both in did Megs allow Whirl to kill him because he was becoming a problem and also was he a phase six level robot.)
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