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Steven Universe is pretty great. I like that they've gone a bit into what makes Fusions work. Their success seems to be less about how alike the components are than whether or not they can compromise on their differences.

It's more in depth than G1 gestalts, where Menasor was nuts, Computron took a long time to think, and the rest were varying degrees of dumb. Then again, 2 Gem Fusions seem to work out better than Fusions with more members. Maybe a 5 Gem Fusion would be as much of a wreck as Menasor.

Better Call Saul makes a good compliment to Breaking Bad. Where BB was about how easy it was for Walt to choose the wrong thing, BCS is more about how hard it is for Jimmy to do the right thing.

iZombie seems like it should be spelled I, Zombie. It's combined Tru Calling's morgue assitant supernaturally helping corpses with a bit of Dollhouse's different memories/personality traits every week. Maybe someone figured that they could combine two failed Eliza Dushku shows into one successful show if they left Eliza Dushku out of it.

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