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I hated one thing about this issue -- there were only 20 pages of story instead of the usual 22. If this is going to be a thing going forward (and according to the Wiki, it is), then boo!

Otherwise, pretty good! It was nice to see the DJD given some personality, though only Tarn and Tesarus really came away looking any more like people. Tarn actually looks like an interesting character, though, and humanizing the DJD a bit was long overdue. Now they don't read quite as much like tiresome Mary Sues! Unfortunately, I get the feeling that most fans are going to ignore the personality that we were presented with in favour of cherry-picking bits and pieces that "prove" that Tarn is really Roller/Dominus Ambus/whoever that fan wants him to be, so the exercise might have been in vain.

Nickel was a bit of an odd duck, in that I really can't imagine why she would stay with a group of crazed killing machines, but she had a pretty clear narrative purpose so I can't complain.

Deathsaurus didn't die! And he looks like he'll be an important character going forward!

*high-fives tahukanuva*

With Star Saber basically being the Cybertronian equivalent of ISIL, I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that Deathy is being characterized as a quasi-heroic Decepticon -- betraying the cause for principles instead of personal gain, rescuing his comrades from being cannon fodder for Megatron, trying to protect them from the DJD, etc. It's a serious role reversal, but in a way I think they could make even better foils to one another here than they did in Victory.

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So Tarn is intent on instigating a war. Does this also mean he's, essentially, taken the reins over the Decepticons? With all this talk of 'housekeeping', it sort of reads that way.
Sounds like it to me! Though he'll probably find a lot of others vying for the throne if he tries to recruit any more stragglers. Not everyone will jump on the bandwagon as quickly as Deathsaurus.

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Is Galvatron next on their list of chores, I wonder. And with Megatron now on the list, does that also mean Starscream*?
Starscream almost has to be next, I would think. I mean, not only did he toss aside his allegiance as soon as it suited him, he led a bunch of others to do the same while actively trumpeting a factionless society and openly denouncing the entire history of the Decepticon movement in an open courtroom in front of potentially millions of viewers. If Tarn hears about that, he's toast.

Galvatron, I'm not so sure. I haven't actually been paying much attention to the former RiD, admittedly, but it seems like in spite of being a recent convert he's actually been doing a decent job of Decepticoning. They might try and recruit him, but I don't know that they'd have much reason to kill him. Well, until he inevitably refuses to fall in line behind Tarn, but I wouldn't give the guy created in 2012 very good odds in that showdown.

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On an aside - interesting to hear that Heretech was also a rebel - which means all the phase sixers really do turn on megatron - heretech, sixshot, black shadow and overlord turned while he was the leader of the cons and now Tarn turns on him because he is not. The only one I'm not sure on is Killmaster (both in did Megs allow Whirl to kill him because he was becoming a problem and also was he a phase six level robot.)
Killmaster was one of the Warriors Elite, I think, so he would have been on the same level as the Phase Sixers.

I don't think it's too much of a surprise that they've all turned on Megatron, though. No matter how loyal a minion may be, if you make them nearly invincible they'll eventually start to get ideas above their station. Add in the fact that...well, Megatron didn't seem to choose the most stable individuals to start with, and the betrayals start to look like more of an inevitability than anything.
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