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Hey! This was great. Tough work, seeing as it was essentially 100% new characters. As has already been discussed, Tarn so far has been a mask, a job description and a mysterious past.

Was puzzled when The Village Green Preservation Society was released as the soundtrack to this issue but now I know what was being said. To be honest, with all these defections and splinter factions maybe the Decepticons would be better off with some performance appraisals and paperwork. Who runs their HR department? Is it Tarn? It's Tarn, isn't it.

What I really liked is that despite the Monty Python stylings, this was really quite a sad issue. Tarn's a sad guy before, after, and during his suicide attempt. He wants to be tough, he wants to be sophisticated, he wants to be ruthless, he wants to be a Decepticon but he really doesn't know how to be any of these things well. He can't even murder Overlord right - he flew off the handle and got two members of his team nearly killed by squishies because he doped himself up on cyber PCP.

So Megatron didn't know about their nuke, which is what made them really effective against the big boys (they have conspicuously pulled their socks up, it seems, since they found the nuke) but still considered pulling these clowns in during Dark Cybertron? He must have been really desperate.

Oh and hey, fuel to the Tarn is Roller fire / inferno - does Tarn freak out because he sees Drift or because he sees Ratchet?

Plenty of raised eyebrows at Brainstorm acting like a straightforward mole. There's a story and a half left to tell there...

I really liked Nickel. She's a stock comedy character but I like the little character arc they described for her here. It's funny that the Black Block Consortium have been picking on the Mini-cons.

Also just became aware of the campaign against Hayato. It's fitting that small-minded book burners are picking on this issue in particular.
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