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So if Roberts had known all he needed to do was put Deathsaurus in the comic to get Warcry onside he'd have had him in the book from issue 1.

Originally Posted by Auntie Slag View Post
I still don't think what Brainstorm did was betrayal. He wanted Overlord off the ship, he demanded no-one else be hurt and he was doing it for the benefit of everyone. He had good intentions.
It's quite literally a betrayal, he'd accepted orders from a senior officer to study Overlord for the Autobots and instead tried to turn him over for execution to the Decepticons (which as a thing to do to a captured prisoner is a bit of a no-no as well, Brainstorm is actually a massive hypocrite in his inability to kill anyone directly), that's unequivocally a court marshal offence even if you think he was right to do it.

And the fairly predictable consequences suggest it wasn't a very good idea anyway.

Though as Brainstorm was also in the process of betraying the Decepticons he's basically a super betraying dick.

Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
I hated one thing about this issue -- there were only 20 pages of story instead of the usual 22. If this is going to be a thing going forward (and according to the Wiki, it is), then boo!
I was pleasantly surprised it didn't feel like we lost anything, but yeah, that's basically an entire issue gone over the course of a year.

Unfortunately, I get the feeling that most fans are going to ignore the personality that we were presented with in favour of cherry-picking bits and pieces that "prove" that Tarn is really Roller/Dominus Ambus/whoever that fan wants him to be, so the exercise might have been in vain.
I'll say now I think this firmly proves he can't be agent 113, with most of the issue being told through his inner monologue it would be a massive, massive cheat for him not to have thought on this whilst considering Megatron's betrayal.

Assuming 113 is alive (and not, say, the recently dead Vos) and not the spark eater I'd say he pretty much has to be Tesarus because, as you say, he's the only other one it could be to have gotten even the slightest bit of development. Any of the others and it wouldn't be as effective.

Nickel was a bit of an odd duck, in that I really can't imagine why she would stay with a group of crazed killing machines, but she had a pretty clear narrative purpose so I can't complain.
Presumably for all her cheerfulness wading through the dead bodies of her entire civilisation has snapped her mind.

I wonder if the book is actually heading towards a "Everyone has to team up to stop the Galactic Council and Friends destroying the entire Transformers race" style conclusion.

Originally Posted by Terome View Post
Was puzzled when The Village Green Preservation Society was released as the soundtrack to this issue but now I know what was being said. To be honest, with all these defections and splinter factions maybe the Decepticons would be better off with some performance appraisals and paperwork. Who runs their HR department? Is it Tarn? It's Tarn, isn't it.
Without going all Godwin, it's very Nazi isn't it [insert your own ordered genocidal maniac of choice if you'd prefer]? Those stories about how they could do all those terrible things and then go home and play with the kids and the dog, and how all the paperwork was very carefully filed.

I want to see Magnus and Tarn get into a Filing-Off.

Oh and hey, fuel to the Tarn is Roller fire / inferno - does Tarn freak out because he sees Drift or because he sees Ratchet?
Wait... Tarn is into bureaucracy like Magnus... like they're related... Tarn is Dominus!

Plenty of raised eyebrows at Brainstorm acting like a straightforward mole. There's a story and a half left to tell there...
With all my "They'll be a twist as to who really betrayed them" theories shot out the water, I'm now wondering why OLL Brainstorm didn't do the same. Because of the broken comms? But presumably the ALL comms were in the same state as they never contacted Cybertron either...

Also just became aware of the campaign against Hayato. It's fitting that small-minded book burners are picking on this issue in particular.
Yeah... those people hey...

*Sheepishly puts flaming torch and copy of Empire of Stone to one side*.
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