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Just had a thought...from what we've seen of him, Tarn really hasn't shown any signs so far of the "transformation addiction" that Pharma said he has. I wonder if it was just a cover to explain away a need to frequently replace transformation cogs because they keep getting turned into Action Masters by the Nucleon?

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I would like to state for the record that I was writing a semi-heroic Deathsaurus who cared about his fellow cons ~a decade ago. With a backstory that also invented Shattered Glass. I'm a real trendsetter.
Your Deathsaurus was awesome.

Was that really a decade ago? Shit, you're a grown-up now!

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Was puzzled when The Village Green Preservation Society was released as the soundtrack to this issue but now I know what was being said. To be honest, with all these defections and splinter factions maybe the Decepticons would be better off with some performance appraisals and paperwork. Who runs their HR department? Is it Tarn? It's Tarn, isn't it.
The impression I get is that, yes, Tarn and co. are the be-all and end-all of Decepticon human resources management. If they actually had a proper bureaucracy for that, they probably wouldn't have 80% of their high-ranking officers going rogue at the first possible opportunity (and thus wouldn't need an invincible death squad to hunt them down).

But then they wouldn't be Decepticons.

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So if Roberts had known all he needed to do was put Deathsaurus in the comic to get Warcry onside he'd have had him in the book from issue 1.

Deathsaurus only cancels out mentally-challenged Spinister, though.

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It's quite literally a betrayal, he'd accepted orders from a senior officer to study Overlord for the Autobots and instead tried to turn him over for execution to the Decepticons (which as a thing to do to a captured prisoner is a bit of a no-no as well, Brainstorm is actually a massive hypocrite in his inability to kill anyone directly), that's unequivocally a court marshal offence even if you think he was right to do it.
I'm not sure Prowl is actually anyone's superior officer anymore, though, what with the whole "the war is over!" thing. If Brainstorm can just up and bugger off with Rodimus in the first place then I don't think he's technically beholden to a military chain of command anymore. I would still count it as a betrayal on several other levels though, ranging from "not keeping his word" to "inviting a death squad aboard the ship" to "being a freaking Decepticon".

And aside from any of that, you're right that handing a prisoner over to be killed (after a presumed gruesome torture session, though Overlord seems to have mostly avoided that on account of being catatonic) is a ghastly thing to do.

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With all my "They'll be a twist as to who really betrayed them" theories shot out the water, I'm now wondering why OLL Brainstorm didn't do the same. Because of the broken comms? But presumably the ALL comms were in the same state as they never contacted Cybertron either...
Wasn't the Lost Light's comm system down for the longest time? It could be that he always planned to call in the DJD, but in our version of the timeline Overlord had escaped and run amok before he had the chance.
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