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Just had a thought...from what we've seen of him, Tarn really hasn't shown any signs so far of the "transformation addiction" that Pharma said he has. I wonder if it was just a cover to explain away a need to frequently replace transformation cogs because they keep getting turned into Action Masters by the Nucleon?
Those two missing pages were 3 x 3 long shots of him transforming back and forth again while locked in a McDonalds bathroom.

Dalek: Without going all Godwin, it's very Nazi isn't it [insert your own ordered genocidal maniac of choice if you'd prefer]? Those stories about how they could do all those terrible things and then go home and play with the kids and the dog, and how all the paperwork was very carefully filed.
Yeah, and the ghastly detail of drinking innermost energon was the proverbial bellybutton on the lampshade.

Hey, Tesarus turned down the innermost energon! He is Agent 113!

I think Agent 113 is long dead or has gone native, myself.

Warcry: The impression I get is that, yes, Tarn and co. are the be-all and end-all of Decepticon human resources management. If they actually had a proper bureaucracy for that, they probably wouldn't have 80% of their high-ranking officers going rogue at the first possible opportunity (and thus wouldn't need an invincible death squad to hunt them down).

But then they wouldn't be Decepticons.
It's lucky that Megatron's ship is leakier than Prime's because it really does seem that self-destruction is what did the Decepticons in. We have Shockwave disappearing under the weight of his plots back in the Ice Age, Sixshot getting bored, Black Shadow being paid off to score a massive own-goal, Gigatron wandering away, Scorponok going into possibly perverse private enterprise with fleshlings, Overlord kidnapping a whole division of useful troops, Bludgeon going mad with Thunderwing worship, Deathsaurus taking the moral high road (took him long enough) with a significant fraction of living Cybertronians, Banzaitron running his own game and whatever it was that Heretech was up to and you start to really feel for Megatron by the time Infiltration rolls around and his sub Starscream attempts an outright coup. He was not holding it together. And Tarn is squandering his super-nuke going after small fry like Blip!

Compared to that on the Autobot side, Grimlock's strop and Tyrest going loopy looks mild and containable.

Dalek:Yeah... those people hey...

*Sheepishly puts flaming torch and copy of Empire of Stone to one side*.
Oh, Milhouse doesn't count.
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