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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
It's quite literally a betrayal, he'd accepted orders from a senior officer to study Overlord for the Autobots and instead tried to turn him over for execution to the Decepticons (which as a thing to do to a captured prisoner is a bit of a no-no as well, Brainstorm is actually a massive hypocrite in his inability to kill anyone directly), that's unequivocally a court marshal offence even if you think he was right to do it.

And the fairly predictable consequences suggest it wasn't a very good idea anyway.

Though as Brainstorm was also in the process of betraying the Decepticons he's basically a super betraying dick.
I think this Tumblr comment sums things up really well in relation to Brainstorm, and Roberts has endorsed it (apart from the point about Nuke). It includes many things Brainstorm would have taken into consideration when calling Tarn up, things I'd long since forgotten!
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