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EDIT: The following is needlessy grumpy. Sorry about that, bur I'll leave it be as being such a cock is quite funny at my expense:

That post is flawed for several reasons:

IIRC The weapons used by OLL to destroy Overlord's pod were the ship's standard meteor defence weapons; they weren't picked up along the way.

Brainstorm had good reason to believe the DJD would keep their word to only kill Overlord when attacking a ship that also had Drift on it?

And that was him also assuming none of the Autobots aboard would try to fight back against the inexplicable (if they discounted the attack being against Drift) assault on their ship?

That Tumblr post is very hard to take credibly as the writer seems to be as stupid as Brainstorm would have to be for their logic to work. The piece also stars by claiming the issue opens questions that go back as far as Wreckers (presumably meaning Bullets) but then doesn't address any of those questions. So why mention it? It's an horrendously poorly written piece.

And I speak as a man who has created a lot of poorly written crap over the years.

@Warcry: Whatever authority Prowl may or may not have; Brainstorm still accepted the job off him so at that basic level it's a betrayal.

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