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My X-Files rewatch has reached the episode BBC2 made a big fuss out of (to the point of showing it out of order) as part of their mini-relaunch for the series that was their Paranormal Night.

This was a big thing at the time, but sadly someone clearly thought "Oh, there's an episode with British people in it, that'll be a good one to make a thing of" without actually watching the bloody thing first.

So Mark Shepard- who you'll know from being in Every SF/Horror TV Show You've Ever Seen- who has an odd speaking voice at the best of times (being an Englishman who has lived in Callifornia for years seems have given him the accent of a drunk Australian) goes completely and utterly nuts with him "I'm the bloody caretaker now" tones that veer all over the world and never manage to be the same two sentences in a row. It's insane.

Then the actual script about British people on fire seems to be written by someone who knows nothing about either the British or fire. "British Minister of Parliament" being a glaring balls up in the first five minutes.

Throw in Mulder's never before mentioned and never mentioned again arsonphobia (I had to look that up as I'd have gone "Pyrophobia") and the episode is a comedy classic.

The best thing in it is Gillian Anderson, who is both delightful (love her pure undiluted sarcasm for Mulder's Girl of the Week) and does a better British accent than anyone else in the episode with just one line.
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