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You'd wonder what the order is---crime level?

You'd have to think hard to get one Decepticon who ISN'T on their list. Or how they get added. Do they have live feed from battlefields? Seeing as they haven't had contact with Megatron since around his resurrection in the stealth bomber body, I don't know how they get it.

Thundercracker, Starscream, Dirge, Bombshell, the Constructicons, Swindle, Shockwave...pretty much every A-level Con except Skywarp has not been loyal to the cause or directly assaulted Megatron themselves.

Eg why go after Blip for his sparkeater cult [I still maintain this is a horrendous mistake and he's not the same as the terrorcon Blip---for f@ck's sake THAT guy tried to free Megatron a few months ago] but not the Insecticons/Starscream for their coup in AHM?

Could it be that the Scavengers gave them such a fight because the DJD did not recharge on Nucleon after Black Shadow? Though to be honest, in that fight, only Spinister seemed to come out unscratched, Misfire was about to be brutalized by a dog and Crankase was this close to being fried alive?

I wonder why Brainstorm did not just eject the Overlord stasis cell with the DJD in the vicinity.

Furthermore, the timing does not make much sense...the DJD attacked the ALL circa issues 9-10, left, then came back around 18 months later. So Rewind pretty much stayed on a ghost ship, not doing much, and constantly hiding? He did not try to leave or contact -any-body?

Super revelation---if the innermost Energon Tarn is sampling was indeed sourced from Tailgate's corpse [very unverified]...he's a dead bot, isn't he? That Tailgate was never cured for cybercrosis, which I assume is very transferable...?

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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