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You'd have to think hard to get one Decepticon who ISN'T on their list. Or how they get added. Do they have live feed from battlefields? Seeing as they haven't had contact with Megatron since around his resurrection in the stealth bomber body, I don't know how they get it.

Eg why go after Blip for his sparkeater cult [I still maintain this is a horrendous mistake and he's not the same as the terrorcon Blip---for f@ck's sake THAT guy tried to free Megatron a few months ago] but not the Insecticons/Starscream for their coup in AHM?

Super revelation---if the innermost Energon Tarn is sampling was indeed sourced from Tailgate's corpse [very unverified]...he's a dead bot, isn't he? That Tailgate was never cured for cybercrosis, which I assume is very transferable...?
Selecting random bits to comment on...

I always suspected the DJD got their intel from someone, whether it was tapping into Decepticon communications, a couple of agents they have searching out information, or maybe even from Banzai-tron and his Decepticon Secret Service (there's someone we need to hear about again). And in the case of the Scavengers, Tarn just makes a decision on his own.

Seeing as they were in contact with Megatron up until AHM, it's possible they were filled in on his plans. Assuming I'm remembering correctly, Megatron had the whole betrayal on Earth bit planned, so he could thin his troops of the nasty ones.
As for the DJD not going after Starscream in general, I could swear somewhere (AHM, Spotlight Megatron maybe) it was said that Megsy kept Starscream around because of his treachery. It kept him sharp. Makes sense he'd be exempted from The List, if that's the case.

The Innermost Energon Tarn was sampling, was it green? Because Tailgate's on the ALL was green from the cybercrosis. You can see it in 32 when Nautica and Nightbeat find his impaled corpse.
Also, there's nothing to indicate Cybercrosis is contagious. Seemed very much to be a cancer analogue.
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