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Haven't been watching too many TV series lately (Burn Notice was the last thing that I watched from beginning to end, and even then it was mostly on DVD). But one thing that I've really been getting into this year is The Flash. I really didn't expect to like it after the same showrunners turned goofy arch-liberal Green Arrow into Batman with a bow. And I'll be honest -- I only started watching because Blackjack told me that Firestorm was in it (I inexplicably love Firestorm almost as much as I inexplicably love Martian Manhunter and Red Tornado.) And then when I found out that Victor Garber had been cast as one of his alter-egos I absolutely had to see it, since he's just about my favourite character actor ever. I still expected it to be terrible, though.

But it isn't! In fact, the show is bloody fantastic. The character and his supporting cast are so goofy that I couldn't figure out how they'd adapt it for "serious TV", so I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw that they basically didn't. The show is just as silly as the comics, filled with terrible punny names, nonsense superpowers, zany time travel scenarios and talking gorillas. And I love it!

Of course, it definitely helps that the entire cast is doing a good job, especially Tom Cavanagh and Jesse L. Martin. And then on top of that they fill the show with brilliant guest stars like Garber, Clancy Brown, half the cast of Prison Break (I cannot overstate how awesome Wentworth Miller is as Captain Cold) and Mark Hamill.

Oh, I guess we've been watching Gotham too, but I basically forgot it even existed until just now, so obviously I'm not particularly in love with it.
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