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I like Gotham enough to keep watching it, but not enough that I could really recommend it to others. From the first few episodes, I got the impression that the main story was going to be Jim Gordon's somewhat successful efforts at fighting organized crime and corruption weakening the normal criminals enough that the Rogue's Gallery types could take over, creating the need for Batman.

Maybe that's still the plan, but I can't tell if there's any plan anymore. At first, Jim was investigating possible mob connections to the Wayne murders, so everyone was in the same story. This past Monday, Bruce, Jim, Penguin, and Fish each had completely separate stories. One thing that makes Fish interesting is that, as an original character, there's more uncertainty as to her fate, which creates more tension. The flipside of that is if Fish's story isn't relating to the others, it just seems like a distraction.

Gotham's given me an appreciation for how TF handles continuity between iterations of the franchise, in that they don't. Sure, Optimus is usually a reknowned hero, but this time he's a washout running a bridge repair crew. One version of Sentinel Prime's just a jerk, another's a traitor. It gives the TF writers more flexibility than Gotham's writers may have, where the biggest change they make is to the characters' civilian names to make their supervillian identity more obvious.

If you are interested in Gotham, Episode 5 has an in-universe recap of the main arc up to that point. Episode 7 is one of the best they've done so far. So, if eps 5-7 don't do anything for you, you know this show isn't for you.

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