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There's a problem with the "hand things off to First Aid" plan now, though -- First Aid is gone off to join the Combiner Wars along with the rest of the Protectobots, and who knows if we'll ever see him back aboard the Lost Light. The post-miniseries new toy shilling might mean that Defensor needs to stay behind on Cybertron with the rest of the gestalts.

Of course, the same goes for Mirage, so Swerve probably won't have to worry about losing customers for long.
It is a shame, isn't it. These aren't big plotlines but it grates that they are being pulled about by outside forces. When I did my big read of the Giffen / DeMatteis Justice League books that are a big influence on MTMTE, you can spot these hairpin turns a mile off. It really hurts the idea of the series successfully outlasting its sell-by date. It's something that the comic industry seems to have cheerfully sacrificed a long time ago - I suppose TV shows and movie franchises have similar problems with contracts / deaths but it seems like the stakes are higher in those cases. IDW could have done some requisite Combiner Wars comics in a splinter timeline that resembles their continuity. That's the logic the toy biographies operate under - we don't expect Rung to up sticks and do a psychological profile of the Protectobots to fit in line with some copy so why is it okay to pinch First Aid for essentially the same reasons?

Anyway, the art is lovely here. This is Cahill, isn't it? I don't remember clearly the last thing he did but this looks like a leap and a bound of improvement. Very good sense of space and depth.

Oh, and here's more fuel to the 'Ultra Magnus and Megatron getalong gang' fire - Ultra Magnus has been doing some thinking about the sorts of human rights that Megatron was very keen on, once upon a time.
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