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It took 40 issues, two Spotlights and an annual, but Xaaron finally gets a line of dialogue, unless I'm forgetting something.

It's a start.

Not that he's a character I've been clamoring for, just would be nice if he piped up once in awhile.

Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
Full preview is available.

There's a problem with the "hand things off to First Aid" plan now, though -- First Aid is gone off to join the Combiner Wars along with the rest of the Protectobots, and who knows if we'll ever see him back aboard the Lost Light. The post-miniseries new toy shilling might mean that Defensor needs to stay behind on Cybertron with the rest of the gestalts.

Of course, the same goes for Mirage, so Swerve probably won't have to worry about losing customers for long.
I sure do hope not

Always figured MTMTE was on its own vague timeline, and being somewhat removed from the other titles.

Sort of thing happens in the cape books all the time, where a character inexplicably disappears to take part in some editorially mandated event, only to return a storyline or two down the road and no one misses a beat.

Maybe it'll simply come down to a few throwaway comments (personally, I'd like to see Rodimus' reaction when - or if - Ratchet returns to the ship with Drift in tow).
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