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Default The two things that make the least sense in MTMTE

I tease because I love!
That said, here are some things that boggle my brain to a comedic crossness:

Vos only speaks Cyber-Latin. This makes less sense the more you think about it. Transformers have zero difficulty in picking up the languages of other species whose planets they trample over. They can be taught complicated concepts before birth with varying but mostly practical success. Things like the Galactic Council exist which suggest that the problems of xenolinguistics are long since solved. That said, they do have some ancient languages which are so obscure or weird that they are no longer considered worth learning.

Either Vos has spent the last four million years as part of a ruthless military sub-civilisation that tolerated him being a big stick-in-the-mud who willfully refuses to understand the operating language or he has recently reconfigured his robotic brain to do so because, as we know, the Decepticon Justice Division are a bunch of Hot Topic poseurs.

But wait, aren't the Decepticons militant atheists? Doesn't Tarn consider a mental illness with a religious affectation to be worthy of a death sentence? Yet he is quite cheerful about his mate only speaking in 'The Primal Vernacular.' We could take 'primal' to be literal here and for it just to mean 'The First Language' but I can't help but think that there's a religious connotation there. At the very least, it means that Vos hasn't read 'Beyond Peace,' can't fill out his personal assessment papers properly and that anybody with access to The Decepticon Internet would be able to download his weird language and understand him with no problem.

My guess is that 'The Primal Vernacular' is gibberish and that Tarn is in on the joke.

Cyclonus is a real-estate millionaire. This one is clearly a throwaway joke and possibly an outright fabrication by Swerve or whoever brought it up. However, he handles bar tabs and damages with ease, which is surprising as he was until recently a penniless zombie monster.
Cyclonus, we're told, has a vast personal fortune from 'Helexian real estate' or similar. Presumably this is because, as a well-connected samurai/knight/Mrs. Havisham guy, Cyclonus used to own lots of land that has since become valuable. He might have sold some of that land to have some liquid capital to take with him on The Lost Light. Unless he kept the money in a bank account for twelve million years, accruing compound interest?

But how does that any part of that work? It doesn't even make sense as a joke because why would anyone from Cybertron even think of things in terms of real estate? They destroyed the atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetophere of their planet thousands of years after they'd blown the surface to smithereens in a gigantic war. How could private property exist? And then there's the thing how Cybertron was completely reformatted in recent history - the very same reformat that led Cyclonus to leave the planet in despair.

Rich despair.

Anyone want to help me with these deep, eternal puzzles?
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