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Originally Posted by Terome View Post
Either Vos has spent the last four million years as part of a ruthless military sub-civilisation that tolerated him being a big stick-in-the-mud who willfully refuses to understand the operating language or he has recently reconfigured his robotic brain to do so because, as we know, the Decepticon Justice Division are a bunch of Hot Topic poseurs.
Huh. It's been a while since I reread their intro issues but I never got the impression with Vos that he couldn't understand or read any of the modern languages that the Transformers use to communicate, just that he didn't speak it. Because if he couldn't understand the orders his commanders shouted in the heat of battle, he would have been so utterly useless that he'd never have gotten anywhere near being promoted to the DJD. So basically he's just being a dick to mess with people.

Though I'm not sure how well that works really, for exactly the same reasons that you underlined -- surely everyone would know that Vos can understand them, and everyone who deals with Vos should just be able to download the Primal Vernacular Language Pack from the DeceptInternet and immediately know what he's saying.

Originally Posted by Terome View Post
But how does that any part of that work? It doesn't even make sense as a joke because why would anyone from Cybertron even think of things in terms of real estate? They destroyed the atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetophere of their planet thousands of years after they'd blown the surface to smithereens in a gigantic war. How could private property exist? And then there's the thing how Cybertron was completely reformatted in recent history - the very same reformat that led Cyclonus to leave the planet in despair.
This one is completely nonsensical to me too. Whatever lands or territories he may have owned back in the day, surely they would have passed to whatever heirs or next-of-kin or whatever the heck Transformers have? I mean, land titles usually aren't kept in the name of people who've been legally dead for four million years.

Also Helix doesn't even exist anymore. After the reformatting, it's just an empty wasteland like the whole rest of Cybertron, like you say.

But by the same token, homeless-junkie-turned-religious-fanatic Drift was apparently a billionaire so who knows? The Cybertronian economy is obviously all kinds of screwed up.
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