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Right, but it's not as if he just wandered off one day and nobody knew what happened. The disappearance of the original Ark and Nova Prime was a formative event in the entire planet's history. There would have been extensive searches, enough to satisfy the senate and other government branches that they were definitely gone for good. For a real-life example, it's only been a year or so but if someone who was on the passenger list of that Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared without a trace over the Pacific magically reappeared tomorrow I'm sure they wouldn't find their assets just waiting for them. And Cyclonus is more like Amelia Earhart just reappearing out of nowhere a lifetime or more after she disappeared.

Also, with Cybertron's entire economy being destroyed I can't imagine any banks or other companies he did business with still exist in any way, shape or form and their records surely would have been destroyed by the war. The same goes for any Nova-era property registries that would prove that he actually had title to any land.

(We are totally over-analyzing this.)
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