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Neat. I wonder if they engineered that shell from scratch just for a convention exclusive, or if they somehow found the molds from the prototype way back in the day and used that. I guess a hollow shell with two points of articulation wouldn't cost too much to design, though. Either way, it's nice and way out of left field.

Really think that Battletrap and Packrat could use a bit more paint, though. I get that they're trying to stick close to the originals, but the originals were pretty tiny compared to the molds that they're using.
Info seems to be that it was a new sculpt made by the people FunPub has been using to sculpt the new heads they've been using for exclusives.

Battletrap seems nice, but it's hard to go wrong with that mold. So what's left for obvious repaint/retools of that Springer mold: Movie Drift?
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