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I thought it was very much a breather issue, with a lot of good moments but it was very much making time and probably the weakest (in relation to the overall quality of the series) thus far in season 2.

Some of the problems weren't of the books own making though. Ratchet gets a heartfelt goodbye, but we know it's so he can go be in the giant bag of three day old cum that was Empire of Stone, that makes it an annoying waste of one of the best characters being shoved into a plot nobody wanted him in. First Aid finally gets to be chief medical officer but (whilst having to go back to Cybertron makes sense in that context) we know he's instead going to wind up part of a giant monster going "Raaaah" as the endpoint of his characterisation. Mirage does something! But he'll wind up doing an crazy Ironhide impression to try and explain a comic nobody wanted explaining (and of course, Ironhide started having visions for the same reason).

The payoff to ten kind of fell flat as well because we've seen so little of him, indeed, is this the first time he's been back since he first appeared? It felt like the end of a storyline that's happened entirely off-camera. He could have at least been shown hanging around Ultra Magnus.

Plus, in a comic where the Getaway scene has caused a lot of fuss, it's surprising no one has commented on the fact Ten is basically a really creepy stalker, watching Magnus, stealing his stuff, making small effigies of him. Yikes.

As for Brainstorm- God-damn it, Auntie Slag was right! I hate it when that happens.

It was a nice scene, but it did feel he got off really lightly for Attempted Destruction of Established History. Indeed, are the Lost Light crew really qualified to try such a crime? That's where bringing Maximus in as the new duly appointed enforcer to oversee things would have helped.

Either way, considering they only have his word for any of what he says, the idea he'd ever be let near his lab again under any circumstances is ridiculous even for this series. He managed to build a time machine under Perceptor's nose, who'd know what he'd get up to if he really is a wrong'un? It all felt a bit too much "Must sustain the status quo no matter what!".

And sure, Brainstorm getting off lightly compared to Drift was sort of the point, but it felt too contrived a way to get Ratchet thinking about this.

The aforementioned Getaway scene... well it was creepy and uncomfortable with all sorts of date rape/abusive boyfriend parallels. Considering this is another long running plot that's barely been touched upon this could do with some resolution soon.

Though based on Brainstorm, it'll turn out Getaway is a nice date rapist so they'll let him off so he can continue being a regular as long as he promises never to do it again.

The Ratchet scenes were by far the best part of the issue.
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