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Been watching quite a few things on telly lately...

Fortitude ended by it being all about prehistoric wasps making everyone mental. Not sure what I make of that.

Been on with the new series of Game Of Thrones, which is all setting things up for sh*t to happen late at the moment. Interesting. Not sure Sansa Stark knows what she's letting herself in for though...

We've had some decent satire back on UK tv that isn't Charlie Brooker lately in the form of Channel 4's Ballot Monkeys - about the big four main political parties battlebuses and their staff as they tour around the country. Its nice and understated, but very sharp. Nice to see Hamiliton and Jenkin back writing this sort of stuff. I do miss Drop The Dead Donkey. And also a cheer for ITV's Newzoids, another attempt at the satricial sketch show format previously owned by Spitting Image and revived a decade or so ago with 2DTV. Its had more hits than misses, and has more of the viciousness of Spitting Image, of which I approve.

And finally, Peter Kay's Car Share. Downloaded and watched the whole lot of this from the iPlayer. Its a lovely, low key little show. There's some nice visual gags with various signs and whatnot in the background - but you have to pretty eagle eyed to spot a lot of them. As with Chorley FM, he has some fun with commercial radio and its silly advertising and nonsense phone ins/ features. Kay's greatest strength as a comic is sharply observing and playing with the general absurdities of life and how people behave and interact. Sometimes, this is a bit too knowing and in your face (I didn't rate his reality TV spoof he did a few years ago), but here its really well done and feels, well, truthful. Almost like an Alan Bennett play.
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