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For shame, Dalek! In times like these I always heed the advice my grandmother gave on her deathbed - 'Just pretend that Drift: Empire of Stone doesn't exist.'

She was a wise woman, dearly missed.

Didn't realise how incensed people were by Getaway. He is coming across as a pick-up artist, which is an interesting kind of peril for Transformers. I'm guessing Cyclonus is going to be stirred into doing something about him at some point.

Here's a neat thing I've read abroad - I hadn't quite grasped the significance of Megatron having the time machine because hey, what is he going to do? But that means he can get into the Functionist Universe. It also means he might go looking for Terminus. That would be cool.

I suppose Ten and the reminder of the Legislator massacre is setting us up for something about the Circle of Light? There's some good horror in the idea of all these guys being Frankenstein'd.

Confession time; I've always liked Ultra Magnus. Even when Roberts beat the whole OCD shtick into the freakin' dirt, I still liked the guy. Couldn't take him seriously, mind, but I liked him. Don't ask me why. But this issue showed growth, that there has actually been, you know, progression since Remain in Light. Yes, there's been signs of it here and there since then, but this -- slight as it may have been -- is a step in the right direction.

I like Magnus the character more than Magnus the running gag, I guess is what I'm getting at
Couldn't agree more. Early Magnus does stand out as a genuine misstep of Season 1. He was useful as the Rimmer of the ship but he works better as a sort of uncool dad.

Can we have more of Cahill?
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