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But it does exist! We cannot deny it!

One place this fell down was Ratchet seems to be forgetting the reason Drift got such short shrift was that he insisted upon it, otherwise Rodimus would have just revealed the truth.
I will concede that it exists but you'll never convince me that it matters.

Interesting point though - Rodimus may have told him in that pregnant pause. He's a git but he doesn't like being dishonest and is uncomfortable when withholding the truth.

Yeah, I mean I get it's intentional and is obviously heading for a payoff, it's just an odd direction to go in.
Yeah, it's one of those things where it's interesting for Transformers. Having a cast that includes a creepy dude macking on the vulnerable member of that cast isn't a new dramatic device by any stretch but, as I say, it makes a nice change from BIG BADs. I don't particularly care that Tarn is amassing a new Decepticon army because, really, what is he going to do? But having a subtler and darker threat is more compelling because Tailgate could get pretty messed up by this. I mean, I know he just got better from having robo-cancer so I'm sure he'll be fine in the long run but it's something relatively different.

Then again, apparently Empire retcons this to have him all depressed and broody about being kicked out.
He does change his mind a lot.

Would it work as a full time machine without the other briefcases? Presumably by itself it could just muddle up time a bit like the ALL one did when Nightbeat opened it. Which could still be useful.
Good for parties. I imagine there will be quite a gap between time-travel hijinx so plenty of time for Megatron to convince Brainstorm or a Brainstorm equivalent to help him reconstruct it.

How did Brainstorm get let back into Swerve's? Surely he's not the forgiving type?
He is, though, the desperate type.
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