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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
How did Brainstorm get let back into Swerve's? Surely he's not the forgiving type?
When his bar's been so empty for so long, I don't think he's in any position to turn away any customer.

I definitely enjoyed this issue. Nothing world-shattering happened for once, which meant that the characters had a lot more room to breathe than in the previous issues. The focus on Ratchet was nice but we also got some good moments for Magnus, Nautica and several other members of the crew, in addition to another reminder of just how much of a gutless piece of garbage Brianstorm is (seriously, he can't even betray people properly!) Unfortunately, like dalek says it's somewhat undone by the knowledge of where Ratchet, First Aid and Mirage are headed.

The fandom reaction to this one surprised me, though. The histrionics surrounding Getaway are a bit much, with some people practically accusing him of being a child molester trying to "steal" Tailgate from Cyclonus. I miss the days when the shippers in this fandom were a tiny minority of perverts that the majority could just ignore, instead of there being so many of them that their creepy ideas are widespread enough to hijack the discussion of plot points. In the old days, we would have been able to look at this scene for what it (hopefully) is: a shady intelligence agent buttering up a vulnerable person using textbook psychological manipulation techniques for unknown but obviously-evil ends.

(Personally I think Tyrest broke Getaway during the months of brutal interrogation and now he's trying to get revenge on the little runt who foiled his master's plan.)

I'm also stunned by the sheer number of people who are saying that Brainstorm and Rewind did nothing wrong and Whirl is the one who should be on trial for the horrible crime of saving someone's life. He's a freaking hero! And I don't want to hear any "he condemned billions of people to die with his actions!" Because all those people are already dead, and changing history so that they're not is only going to condemn a whole different set of people to die (or, as is the case with many of the book's cast, to have never lived to begin with).

Also, how the hell is Chromedome's word enough to let Rewind wriggle off the hook? They're married, there's no way in hell that Domey can provide a sound medical diagnosis. Shouldn't they have at least sent him to Rung?
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